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Product Designer

Creating seamless experiences through research-driven interface design


Parent Hub
Case Study, App, UX/UI
Legend of the Last Iceberg
Game, UX/UI, Art Direction
Terra- Metaverse
Case Study, User research, Art direction
Interactive Books, Art Direction, Visual Design
Fix 'Em Elliot!
Game, UX/UI, Art Direction
About Me

Hey there! I’m Akshati Chauhan, a product designer

and visual storyteller who loves to play with pixels,

colors, and shapes to create delightful experiences.

With four years of experience in the exciting field of EdTech, I specialize in UX/UI, user research, and art direction- creating designs that are both functional

and playful.


My goal is to constantly evolve with my design,

learn as much as I can and make a change

(albeit small) while providing comfort and fun

through my work.

If you have a project or wish to connect

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